updated, 1st, Apr., 2017


Professor: Kei YURA

Computational biology on post-transcription and pre-translation processes

PhD Course: Mika SAKAMOTO

Bioinformatics for disease prevention science on genome big data

PhD Course: Akiko Higuchi

The molecular effect on ligand transportation of mutation on SLC genes

PhD Course: Ha Thi Thu DUONG

Genome/structurome analyses on the mechanisms of deafness by single mutations

MS Course: Yuri KAWAI

Genome evolution of cephalopoda

MS Course: Minori OHSHIMA

Evolution of subunit interfaces in Drosophila respiratory complex

MS Course: Yumeka KAWAKAMI

Evolution of the activation domains of the nuclear receptors

MS Course: Remi TAKANO

To be known

MS Course: Miki MAKINO

Prediction for the specificity of protein-DNA interactions

MS Course: Misato FUNAHASHI

Evolution of the mechanisms of bioluminescent proteins

MS Course: Sachiyo YOSHIKAWA

Mechanisms of protein-RNA interactions

BSci Course: Noe KANEKO

Bioinformatics analyses of the genes for the development of mouse cerebral cortex

BSci Course: Tamaki KAMINAGA

To be known

BSci Course: Chikako MARU

Role of proteoglycan for the development of wings on Drosophila

BSci Course: Tahmina AMANI

To be known

Lab. Assistant: Iyoko TAKINAMI

Tech. Assistant: Yukie KATAYAMA

The lab welcomes new members (graduates and undergraduates) who are interested in structural computational biology and would like to aquire knowledge and technique to computationally analyze protein sequences and three-dimensional structures.

The entrance exam for the graduate school will be held in summer and winter. For those of you who want to stay temporarily (eg. one week to three months) in this lab to get the feeling of the field and the lab, contact Prof. Kei Yura (Edit an Email address).