updated, 8th, May, 2009


Our laboratory studies the following themes making good use of both calculation ability of a computer owned in the laboratory as well as the infinite spirit and imagination of the students and teachers. The theme group is composed of two axes. The first axis has its base on the biological questions, and it aims to solve the mystery by applying the existing methods. In the case that the existing methods do not fit, we might develop new methods by ourselves. Another axis has its base on the technical questions and aims drastic improvement of the existing computational biologyfs methods as well as development of new methods. In fact, single themes have both aspects, but they tend to have a main axis out of two. Each researcherfs preference determines which axis they focus on. Professor has his base on the biological questions and sometimes develops new technologies, if necessary.

The first axis: the molecular biological questions

The second axis: the technological development of computational biology

Not all the themes are developed at the same pace, and there are some themes that are dormant for a while. If the member of this laboratory increases, and we can tackle all the themes as well as new interesting themes.

Because most of the themes are studied in collaboration with external researchers, communication skills is important. Especially for the research consultation with specialists in the different field, it is essential to have the ability to understand what the y say, to communicate what you do not understand, and to tell your research contents to them. In short, we should understand that our view of the world and values are different from ones of others in many circumstances.