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 Bioinformatics beyond Omics Data Analyses

Date: 3rd-4th, Dec., 2009 (13:00 - )
Place: Meeting Room, 2F, Science Building #3, Ochanomizu University, 2-1-1, Otsuka, Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-8610, Japan
Sponsor: Center for Informational Biology, Ochanomizu University and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Co-sponsor: Education for Women as Leaders Program: Computational Biology, Ochanomizu University

No fee for participation

Aim of the workshop: Bioinformatics has increased its importance in post genomic era. In the bioinformatics, integrated understanding of computation and biology is required and the education of the new generation is getting harder. To overcome the difficulty, collaboration both in education and practice is evidently required. This workshop functions as an introduction to the education systems and research activities in East Asian countries. The participants are expected to talk about both topics from their point of view. Based on the talks, we wish that the workshop functions as one step for the future network for education and researches in computational biology in East Asia.

Poster presentation: The workshop has 15 poster presentations. We prapared about poster boards (90 cm(width) x 185cm(height)).



3rd Dec.

4th Dec. Poster Presentation
  1. Bioinformatics Education at the National Institute of Genetics in Mishima
    Hiroshi Akashi
  2. Bioinformatics Education Course in Ochanomizu University: Graduate and Undergraduate Courses
    Kei Yura, Jun Sese
  3. A Course for Biological Knowledge Discovery by Handling Genome-Wide Data
    Satoko Kaneko, Jun Sese
  4. University Education Internationalization Promotion Program: International Cooperation on Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science Education
    Keiko Miyamoto, Kei Yura
  5. Cambridge iGEM 2009
    Gos Micklem
  6. InterMine: Open Source Data Warehouse and Query Interface
    ichard Smith, Sergio Contrino, Hilde Janssens, Jakub Kulaviak, Rachel Lyne, Kim Rutherford, Julie Sullivan, Dan Tomlinson, Matthew Wakeling, Xavier Watkins, Gos Micklem
  7. ChimerDB 2.0: A KnowledgeBase for Fusion Genes
    Pora Kim, Suhyeon Yoon, Namshin Kim, Sanghyun Lee, Minjeong Ko, Haeseung Lee, Hyunjung Kang, Jaesang Kim, Sanghyuk Lee
  8. GARNET: Gene Set Analysis with Annotation Network Tools
    Kyoohyoung Rho, Bumjin Kim, Youngjun Jang, Sanghyun Lee, Taejeong Bae, Jihae Seo, Chaehwa Seo, Jihyun Lee, Wan Kyu Kim, Ungsik Yu, Sunghoon Kim, Sanghyuk Lee
  9. RESOPS: A Database of RNA Editing Sites in Plant Organelles Mapped onto Protein Three-Dimensional Structures
    Sintawee Sulaiman, Kei Yura, Yosuke Hatta, Masafumi Shionyu, Mitiko Go
  10. A Structural Systems Biology Approach Transcription Factor Network Inference
    Taeho Kim and Daron M. Standley
  11. Mutation@A Glance: A New Integrated Bioinformatics Tool for Analyzing Human Disease Mutations
    Atsushi Hijikata, Osamu Ohara
  12. A New Computational Method for Protein Folding Screening from NMRSpectra
    Hiromi Arai, Satoru Watanabe, Takanori Kigawa, Masayuki Yamamura
  13. A New SVM-based Algorithm for Multi-Task Learning
    Tsuyoshi Kato, Hisashi Kashima, Masashi Sugiyama, and Kiyoshi Asai
  14. Computational Identification of Plant Transcription Factors and the Construction of the PlantTFDB Database
    Kun He, An-Yuan Guo, Ge Gao, Qi-Hui Zhu, Xiao-Chuan Liu, He Zhang, Xin Chen, Xiaocheng Gu, Jingchu Luo
  15. Development of A New Biclustering Algorithm for Gene Expression Analysis by Optimizing Average Correlations with Genetic Algorithm
    Sutheeworapong Sawannee, Obayashi Takeshi, Ota Motonori, Kinoshita Kengo

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