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Research and Education of Informational Biology

Centre for Informational Biology gives opportunities to gain the chance of education in informational biology for the students who learn this field. Informational biology is a study that goes across various areas of research. Understandings in basics of molecular biology are crucial. Data, which we handle, have a lot of meanings, so knowledge of how to handle numerical data statistically is needed. This kind of knowledge is usually classified as information science. The numerical data are observed and measured quantities, so that how these data are observed and measured need to be understood to know accuracy of the numbers. The knowledge for these are usually classified as physics and chemistry. To gain new knowledge by comparison of images, coordinate space and network, plain geometry or spatial geometry and graph theory become important. These are usually classified as mathematics. To follow reaction mechanism of certain enzymatic protein through a computer simulation, the knowledge necessary is usually classified as numerical quantum chemistry as well as simulation science. CIB will recognize which faculty educates each subject, and will introduce the information for the students who study informational biology at the University.

CIB will organize and publish the researches in informational biology done in various laboratories at Ochanomizu University, and will be a catalyst to develop new researches in this field by cooperating with members of CIB and other researchers in the University. Many researches related to informational biology have been done in various faculties at the University. Since they are located in traditional classifications of academic studies however, people do not recognize them clearly as informational biology. At CIB, we do not stick to traditional classifications and will introduce researches past and future by publishing in terms of informational biology. By these activities, we hope to rediscover the power of research activities in informational biology in the University and also hope to further develop biological science through calculations and experiments.