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Lecture "Computational Genomics"

December 8, 2008~
University Education Internationalization Promotion lecture "Computational Genomics" was given by Dr. Steven Hayward (University East Anglia, GB) in the Life Sciences Division of Ochanomizu University Graduate School for two weeks from December 8, 2008.
Dr. Steven Hayward was invited from the University of East Anglia in England and gave the lecture “Computational Genomics” (2credits) to students in the master's degree course for two weeks from December 8, 2008. In the lecture, he explained what can be found by analyzing the genome sequence, amino acid sequence of proteins, and the three-dimensional protein structure using computers while doing some practicals. Though we did not have enough time to inform people of this program, since the lecture was offered in the first year of the program, there were five participants from Ochanomizu University Graduate School and two from Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School, and an in-depth small-group lesson, which Ochanomizu University is proud of, was possible this time. This lecture was accepted as being fresh by students in the master's degree course and was an important step toward improving the management for the program. We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Steven Hayward, who gave lectures for two weeks at Ochanomizu University Graduate School.