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Interested in internship in Japan

The Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School and Ochanomizu University Graduate School accept graduate students (those in the courses equivalent to master’s degree course) from overseas, including Asian countries, over the short and mid terms for participation in research and to study practical life sciences (internship). The target areas are chemical biology, translational research, computational biology, and structural computational science. The students from overseas stay at the laboratories of either graduate school for ninety days or longer. For more information on laboratories accepting students from overseas, please see the following information. Regarding credits for lectures in the internship program, it depends on the policies of the universities where the graduate students are enrolled, so please consult the current supervisors. The costs of staying in Japan during the internship will be paid according to the policy of this program. The travel expenses will not be paid.
If you participate in the internship, you can do research with frontline professors in the area. That makes it possible for you to see what frontline professors do every day and what kind of things they have in mind when taking the lead in research. Moreover, you will be given opportunities to establish human networks for your future career by deepening the exchanges with Japanese graduate students and other internship students from overseas.
For graduate students in Japan and from overseas who are interested in the internship: Please contact Associate Prof. Takako Takai (Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School:sds-dd@bioinfo.tmd.ac.jp ) or Prof. Kei Yura (Ochanomizu University Graduate School:

Ochanomizu University Graduate School Laboratories accepting internship students

Kei Yura (Professor) Bioinformatics, Structural Bioinformatics
Educational research details:
Keiko Takano (Professor) Theoretical Science, Quantum Chemical Calculation
Educational research details:
Jun Sese (Associate Professor) Bioinformatics
Educational research details:
Aya Tanatani(Associate Professor) Chemistry
Educational research details:
Haruko Ogawa(Professor)Kyoko Aikawa(Associate Professor) Chemistry
Educational research details:
Masahiro Otaki(Associate Professor) Human Environmental Sciences