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Announcement for a series of advanced lectures "Chemistry for Life".

September 7, 2010
Announcement for a series of advanced lectures "Chemistry for Life" (Ochanomizu University Graduate School).
A series of lectures entitled "Chemistry for Life" will start at Ochanomizu University from September 25th to October 29th. Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Altenbach will give 4 lectures (Title: Enzymes at Work: Chemical Aspects) and Prof. Pierre Braunstein will give 4 lectures (Title: Metal - Ligand and Metal - Metal Interactions in Complexes) for a Master Student Course "Modern Chemistry" (1 Credit).

Registration is open till September 30th. Undergraduate and Doctor students can attend the lectures as listeners. All the lectures will be conducted in English.

Lecture title: Enzyme at Work : Chemical Aspects

Schedule : October 4th (Mon) - October 8th (Thr) Total of 4 lectures

Lecturer : Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Altenbach (Wuppertal University, Germany)

Lecture title: Metal-Ligand and Metal-Metal Interactions in Complexes

Schedule : October 25th (Mon) - October 298th (Thr) Total of 4 lectures

Lecturer : Prof.Pierre Braunstein (Strasbourg University, France)

After lectures, attendees are invited to join complimentary tea parties. Please join and enjoy talking with lecturers and other attendees.

October 6th (Wed) 12:15-13:15 with Prof. Dr. Hans- Josef Altenbach (at Room 422, Science Build. No.1)

October 28th (Thr) 15:20-16:20 with Prof. Pierre Braunstein (at Room 422, Science Build. No.1)

Contact :

Keiko Miyamoto (miyamoto.keiko@ocha.ac.jp)

Kei Yura(yura.kei@ocha.ac.jp)