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Announcement for Practice on Bioinformatics (Ochanomizu University Graduate School).

For further information, please contact Keiko Miyamoto (miyamoto.keiko@ocha.ac.jp) or Kei Yura (yura.kei@ocha.ac.jp) or in the office of Support Program for Globalization of Education in Universities at center for Informational Biology.
September 7, 2010
Announcement for a series of advanced lectures "Chemistry for Life" (Ochanomizu University Graduate School).
A series of lectures entitled "Chemistry for Life" will start at Ochanomizu University from September 25th to October 29th. Dr. Etsuko Fujita will give 6 lectures (Title: Solar Fuel Generation using Transition - Metal Complexes) for a Master Student Course "Advanced Lectures on Inorganic Chemistry" (1 Credit).
Registration is open till September 17th. Undergraduate and Doctor students can attend the lectures as listeners. All the lectures except for that on September 25th will be conducted in English.

Lecture title: Solar Fuel Generation using Transition - Metal Complexes
Schedule : September 25th (Sat) - October 1st (Thr) Total of 6 lectures
Lecturer : Dr. Etsuko Fujita (Senior Chemist of Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)

Abstract : Solar energy is the most abundant, and therefore the most promising source of energy among all renewable alternatives. Many researchers consider solar generation of fuels (stored in the form of chemical bonds such as hydrogen from water and methanol from CO2) as the best and essential solution for meeting global energy requirements in an environmentally benign manner yet sunlight-driven water splitting of CO2 reduction to methanol/methane remains a formidable problem. This lecture will focus on the background of chemical energy conversion, and recent progress and challenges in water splitting and CO2 reduction by using transition metal complexes. The rational design of catalysts, synthetic strategies, spectroscopic methods for characterization of reaction intermediates, mechanistic investigation, and application of computational methods will be described in detail. Click here for abstract with pictures.