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A series of advanced lectures on bioinformatics begin!!

July 31, 2009
Announcement for a series of advanced lectures on bioinformatics (Ochanomizu University Graduate School).
A series of advanced lectures on bioinformatics will be conducted by Ochanomizu University and the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. The first lecture of this series will be held by Prof. Shozo Yokoyama (Emory University, USA) at Ochanomizu University on Sep 28-Oct 2. Though the details are given below. Though this course is provided for master course students majoring in science, but students in doctor course or undergraduate students in any discipline are welcomed to audit the lectures. The schedule of other lectures will be announced shortly. For further information, please contact Narumi Sato (sato.narumi@ocha.ac.jp), Keiko Miyamoto (miyamoto.keiko@ocha.ac.jp) or Kei Yura (yura.kei@ocha.ac.jp) or in the office of Support Program for Globalization of Education in Universities at center for Informational Biology.
<Lectures on Sep 28-Oct 2, July>
Bioinformatics of the Gene
Technological innovation in molecular biology has allowed us to generate an enormous amount of DNA sequence data from various groups of organisms. In 2001, the nucleotide sequence of the entire human genome has been characterized; the genomic sequencing of many additional organisms will be completed in the future. The challenging task for biologists now is how to extract information from these data. Since these sequence differences are the products of accumulation of mutations in different organisms, the problem is basically reduced to studying the mechanisms of evolution of genes, proteins and genomes of different organisms. In this class, we will study a wide range of topics from theoretical population genetics, molecular evolution, and human genome projects & genetic diseases.
[Date]: Thursday July 23 13:20-14:50 and
Friday Oct 2 10:40-12:10 and 13:20-14:50
[Place]: Room No.405, Graduate School of Humanities and Science, Building
[Lecturer]: Prof. Shozo Yokoyama (Professor, Emory University, USA)

※ We will have a reception with Prof. Shozo Yokoyama from 18:00-on Oct 2.
Please make a reservation by Sep 29 ( sato.narumi @ocha.ac.jp).
Fee: Student (500 Yen), Academic Staff (2000 Yen)