Secondary Structure Prediction by GOR (ver. 1.1)

Predict locations of alpha-helix and beta-strand from amino acid sequence using Garnier, Osguthorpe and Robson method.
  1. Input the amino acid sequence by one of the following ways

    1. Upload the amino acid sequence file (flat format):
    2. Paste the amino acid sequence in the box:

Sample input is here.

The method is implemented in this server based on the descrption in the following paper;
Garnier, J., Osguthorpe, D.J., and Robson, B. (1978) Analysis of the accuracy and implications of simple methods for predicting the secondary structure of globular proteins. J. Mol. Biol. 120, 97-120.

The Principle in GOR method

Secondary structure prediction method by GOR is one of the popular method utilizing information theory.


update: 22nd, Feb., 2009
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